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Benefit from your tax rebates

If you have not yet benefited from your tax rebates for the year 2014, that’s not too late. You can still enjoy all your benefits until the 31st of December 2014. Any payment made on a deductible savings product before the 31st of December will enter into account in tax calculation for the year 2014.

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Real estate loan in Luxembourg

Real estate loan in Luxembourg

Mortgage loan rates in Luxembourg have reached a historically low level

Variable rate real estate loan

If you choose a variable rate for your real estate loan, you usually get a much lower rate than the fixed rate. However, rate can be adapted to market conditions at any time. On the other hand you can still make a prepayment without penalty.

Fixed rate real estate loan

If you choose a fixed rate for your loan, interest rate will be set at a specified period of time, for example for 10 years. This way you are reducing the risk of raising interest rates. However, you lose flexibility. In general, a penalty will be charged by your bank in cases of early repayment.

Real estate loan of home savings

Fixed-rate loan without early repayment penalty

With the real estate loan linked to your home savings you enjoy all the benefits:

  • Fixed rate and guaranteed for the duration of your term.
  • Flexibility to make additional payments at any time without early repayment penalty.

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Evolution of sales prices

Évolution des prix de vente sur le marché immobilier

Average prices per m2 of flats have increased quite sharply in the 2nd quarter of 2013: +5,48% for existing flats and +2,07% for flats under construction (off-plan) compared to the previous quarter. In this way average prices reach 4 210 €/m² for an existing flat and 5 048 €/m² for a flat under construction.

On a year-on-year basis, the increase in average prices per m2 is also sharper for existing flats (+5,84% compared to the 2nd quarter of 2012) than for flats under construction (+3,61%).

Source: Housing observatory

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